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The purpose of this Website is to explore new realms of the human psyche, to go beyond the boundaries of the human experience and enter the minds of my characters.  I write books that will hopefully spark my reader's imagination and carry them into new worlds of suspense and intrigue. Each work is carefully and painstakingly researched to make certain it conforms to the realities of the situation. Utilizing imagery and sensory perception clues, I make every effort to immerse the reader into the character's emotional milieu, thoughts and physical perceptions. The reader shares his joys and his traumas. It is writing devoted to the evolution of character, story and plot and writing that truly places the reader inside the minds of the characters in the story.

To date I have written and published a total of eleven books and perhaps thousands of works of poetry. I am a frequent contributor to numerous literary anthologies, including the prestigious SCWG, the Scribblers of Brevard, Precious Publications, Poetry Nation, Poetry Soup, and the poetry wing of the SCWG. My works have been published traditionally with Taylor and Seale Publishing, as well as self-published on KDP.

A graduate of Towson University in Maryland, I did my graduate work at Western Illinois University.

I am active in a number of literary associations including the Precious Publishing forums, the Space Coast Writers' Guild, the poetry wing of the SCWG, the Scribblers of Brevard, Poetry Nation, Poetry Soup, and the Florida Writers' Association. I have won the Edmund Skelling Poetry Award, placed in Poetry Nation's "Poets of the Year" on three separate occasions, and I am a "Semi-Finalist" in Poetry Nation's 2023 Poetry Contest.
On numerous occasions I have taken 1st place on Poetry Soup. My works have also been selected as Trail Life's official poem for this division of Trail Life, in Brevard County, Florida.

Served as literary editor of the Scribblers 2018-19, and the SCWG in 2023, and as president of the Scribblers first part of 2020.

To date, I have written and published four poetry anthologies of my own works.