DEADLY ENCOUNTERS (January 31, 2022)

Is it too late to undo the "Master's" plan? Is our nation even capable of overcoming the overwhelming odds that have been marshaled against us? Have members of our own government betrayed us? Are the odds stacked against America this time? What if? ... what if, ...it's our time to join the ranks of the empires and civilizations, that have perished before us?


In the Eyes of the Children, Poetry, Anthology Trilogy, Book Two (2021)

In his second of his Christmas Trilogy series Richard A. Marschall elicits the ideas and emotions of the very ones who make and shape our world. Here, he draws on the premise, that the children are our lives, and it is they, who hold the promise of a better tomorrow!


2027 THE BEGINNING (coming in 2022)

Our world, as we knew it, ... gone in an instant of retaliatory rage of man against man, of dogma against dogma. Thirty-five of our most liberal enclaves, wiped out in the nano-seconds of thirty-five nuclear blasts. No more left-wing ideology, no more socialism, or pre-communist society. Conservatives should have been elated. Did it not signal a return to the days before 911? The opposition was crushed. Hatred, mistrust and false narratives were squelched. Why did he feel the stinging pain of the dead? Why did he harbor the need, to visit the wastelands?



Richard A. Marschall best short stories of the Florida Space Coast, and farther South.